Garnet Abrasive

Details of Garnet :

Garnet Abrasive

Abrasive blasting is a fundamental component of the oil & gas, steel fabrication, and marine industries. The clear trend across all industry sectors is towards the use of garnet abrasives.

Garnet Abrasive is naturally occurring Sand, usually mixed with Garnet Rock, River sand or Beach sand.  Garnet is mined and processed from Garnet Rock, River Sand and Beach Sand to obtain the high purity Garnet Abrasives upto 99%.

Garnet abrasive is more cost-effective over other abrasives. It is approved by leading paint manufacturers, and is the preferred abrasive among major oil companies, full-service shipyards, and international fabricators.

Advantages :

  • Blast cleaning using washed Garnet provides significantly lower dust emissions due to its high material hardness and its rapid settling due to high specific gravity. This ensures minimum disruption and danger to adjoining operations and improves operator visibility and safety.
  • The unique grain size enables many more active grains impacting the surface and greatly reduces abrasive consumption.
  • High productivity – lower abrasive consumption, with lower labour and disposal costs.
  • A cleaner finish– little to no embedment, rough peaks and troughs.
  • Low dust – improved operator safety, reduced cleanup costs and improves the visibility of operator.
  • Minimal health and safety risks – little to no risk to human health.
  • Recyclability – Due to its high material hardness, it can be recycled several times, resulting in much less waste.
  • Environmental friendliness – no hazardous compounds or by-products.

Applications :

  • Sand Blasting: In the process of surface preparation, Garnet is blasted on to the surface of the steel with the use of high pressure compressed air. This process creates a profile, which in turn helps in extending the life of the coating. Garnet is the prescribed abrasive for oil companies, petrochemical tankworks, offshore platforms, pipelines, heavy equipment repair, industrial parts cleaning and ship building companies. Medium Particle Size’s Garnet is mainly used in Sand Blasting. Usually 20/40 Mesh, 30/60 Mesh.
  •  Water Jet Cutting: It is one of the latest and fast growing cutting technologies employed by steel companies to cut metals accurately and precisely. Owing to its faster productivity, non-heat generating advantages and lower cost, it is popular in the USA and Europe. It is the only abrasive that can be used in waterjet cutting machines, widely used in cutting of marble, granite, artificial stones, concrete, aluminum, titanium, high strength steel and steel bridge decking, automotive glass, textiles, corrugated box board, plastic laminates, aerospace composites, etc. Fine Garnet is mainly used in Waterjet Cutting, Usually 60 Mesh, 80 Mesh & 120 Mesh.
  • Water Filtration: Because of its unique grain structure, it is also used as a filtering media in water treatment facilities. Coarse Garnet sand is mainly used in Water Filtration, usually 10/20 Mesh.

Packing :

Available in 25 Kg , 50 lb multi wall paper bags.
Can be packed in bulk packing of 1000/1500 Kgs Jumbo Bags.

Handling Instructions :

Refer MSDS for handling and storage instructions.