Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) for Paints

Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) for Paints

Micaceous Iron Oxide Micaceous Iron OxideMicaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) is iron oxide in a form that resembles mica, a highly structured, layered mineral. Minerals with this highly layered structure are termed lamellar. When MIO pigments are ground into smaller, finer particles, they tend to cleave along their layers, revealing flat, shiny faces that act like tiny mirrors. These tiny mirrors reflect UV light, protecting the resin from degradation and give the coating an attractive “sparkle”. The lamellar shape also offers additional barrier protection. So, for many reasons, MIO pigment is outstanding for the protection of steel.

How Does A Lamellar-Pigment Based Coating Form A Barrier?
Most pigments used in the coatings industry are roughly spherical in shape when viewed under the microscope. These pigments may contribute to opacity, colour, abrasion-resistance or other properties, or they may be mere fillers. Lamellar pigments, such as glass flake and micaceous iron oxides, are used specifically for their ability to greatly enhance the coating’s barrier properties. The flakes themselves provide a “tortuous path” for any molecule that may be detrimental to the substrate, as shown schematically below.

Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) Paints

We have the only manufacturing Facility of Processed Micaceous Iron Oxide in India. We have been manufacturing MIO since 2012, at our factory in Udaipur, Rajasthan (India).

Ground Micaceous Iron Oxide from the best mines in the country is processed to remove impurities and then by drying, magnetic separation and sieving is refined to produce a grey material with a metallic sheen and a lamellar structure. It is this lamellar structure combined with exactly the right particle size distribution which enables it to be used as a pigment in paints. It has unique properties which other types of micaceous iron oxide cannot equal. This is used in the paint, varnish and protective coatings industry (anti-rust protection, decorative metal protection) as well as in the ceramic and plastic industries.

Its excellent platelet structure and high chemical resistance make it an ideal pigment for all types of anti corrosion paint formulations providing corrosion protection for metallic structures in direct contact with aggressive environments such as marine etc.

Micaceous Iron Oxide (MIO) is also used as partial replacement (upto 50%) for Zinc Dust in formulations in Zinc Rich Polymers, with a view to reduce costs.

Typical Properties of Micaceous Iron Oxide
Total Iron as (Fe2O3) (% by mass) 96%
Matter Volatile at 105oC (% by mass) 0.5%
Matter Soluble in Water (% by mass) 0.5%
Total Calcium as CaO (% by mass) 0.25%
Apperance Steel Grey to Dark Brown
Particle Size Distribution
Grade-1 Grade-2 Grade-3
Residue on Sieve % (By Mass) 63 µm Max. 5 > 5 but <15 >15 but < 35
105 µm Max 0.1 Max 0.1 Max 0.1
Residue on Sieve % (By Mass)
Grade for Partial replacement
with Zinc Primers (upto 50%)
44 µm Max 5

*Product can be custom manufactured as per the required specifications.